Residential building services installations are becoming more complex and are subject to a greater degree of regulation. High density apartment blocks in particular, even 6 unit conversions, require careful consideration to achieve a cost effective, efficient solution. To achieve a successful outcome special attention must be paid to:

  • Strategic consideration of renewable energy requirements that is often part of the planning permission or a client aspiration.
  • Early identification of loads for orders to utility service providers.
  • Calculations and system selection to comply with Building Regulations, especially the new part L energy requirements.
  • Advice on telecommunications and TV distribution.
  • Concise scope of works to enable accurate tendering and clarity of responsibility.
  • Co-ordination with architectural design. In many instances the detailed design can be carried out by the services contractors to a design brief prepared by ourselves having dealt with these and other issues.

On other projects, where a high degree of detail is required, we have carried out full design of all services.